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T2 import your tiles
Use your one tile source to create a mosaic.

1. Get a sample board from tile dealer or factory.


2. Prepare tile sample pictures.

Take photo for each single tile. one tile per photo.

recommond size is 800x800 pixels for most single color tiles.


3. Click 'Tile Library' at the menu, to Create new tile lib, or manage existing tile libs.


4. Create an new tile lib,

for small tiles, you can use higher resolution such as 100,200 dpi,  for large tile, you can use a smaller resolution.

anyway, keep the pixels size no larger than 400x400 pixels.


5, once the tile lib is created, you can load pictures to the lib then.

click 'add tile samples', and select the photo you already taken for the tiles.

You can choose multiply files.
Do not forget 'Save Changes' after file loading.


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