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T1. Create your first photomosaic.
This is Photo Mosaic Maker.As the name says, it is used to create photo mosaics with your own photo collections.

Run Photo Mosaic Maker.

First of all, you will see a startscreen,  You can visit our homepage or this support forum by click the buttons there.

1. Click 'New' from the menu to start create a mosaic.

You will see the main image loader, choose a photo as main image.


2. use default photo collection. I will show you how to use your own photo in another tutorial.


3. there are many pattern and shapes, chosse whatever you want.
and set a proper cell count and cell size. USE DEFAULT at this time.

4. Crop the main image, to make it suit the mosaic size.
Try keep your selected area look simple. if your main image is too complicated, it looks a bad mosaic.

5. Preview the cell plans.
We will generate a pure color preview, if you can recognize you main image, it will be a good mosaic.
other wise, try use more cells.
Option page:
just use DEFAULT options now. we will talk about it later.
Click 'Create Mosaic' button, your task is done. leave it to photomosaicmaker.

Now the mosaic is rendered, you can save it as JPG, BMP and PNG files.
and you can edit cell photos, gap colors in the main workspace.

here is our first mosaic:

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