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Line Drawing Design tool
download link


How to use it:

1. the interface.

Run the app. Create a new project to start drawing.
You can change the paper dimension here.
currently, my robot can paint no larger than 500mm.

2. Simple drawing.
Adding new line: Select 'Add' button at the left tool panel.
then click on the canvas. each click will add a path point,
the tool will connect every point by using a spline.

use right mouse button to save current line,
once a line is saved, you can click on screen to start new line.

3. Select and Modify lines.
Select 'Move' button at the tool panel. 
then click on a line to select it.

if a line is selected, you can do two thing:
A: move the whole line. click left mouse button on blank space and hold.
   then you can drag the line, change position of the line. 
B: click left mouse button on any control point,
   then you can drag the point and it will change shape of the line.

   the red shadow shows the original line.
   click Right mouse button to save changes.
   select another line will cancel current changes.
4. Load a PLT file.


you may use coealdraw or other design tool before, and have vector files already.
then you can save it to plt format and load it into the system.

the file will automatilly resized to fit the paper size.
I will allow you to modify the size later.

Some large files wont work, I will explain later.

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