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Some features no longer work - evansjamesk - 03-13-2020

I've used the software for twenty years or so, and recently purchased a new license. The following features no longer work:

Enable Color Enhance - it doesn't matter what setting I use, the mosaics are the same
Enable Alpha Blend - there is no blending. Mosaic does not change.
Edit/Select - Sometimes trying to use this results in an error message.

I hope you can fix these features, as they have been very valuable to me in the past.



RE: Some features no longer work - TeddyWong - 03-13-2020

Enable color enhance and alpha blend work with the trackbar below it.

when you drag track bar to left side, it equals to 0 enhance. and if you drag it to right side, it means higher enhance/blending.

I noticed a select error occur if you click in the gap between cells, I am fixing it now.

RE: Some features no longer work - TeddyWong - 03-14-2020

Hi, Jim. I have an upgrade ready, would you please send an email to with your order info.
so I can confirm and send you the upgrade version.